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💜  April 22nd- Hayley Clark – “Conversion and Discipleship Your Way” @thehayleyclark @thehoneymark

💜  April 23rd- Phylicia Aquino – “Focus on Christ in the Service of God” @sisteraquino

💜  April 24th- Sonrisa Hasselbach – “Confidence Through Covenants” @onceuponasonrisa

💜  April 25th- Ember Pilati – “Spiritual Self-Care” @iamemberpilati

💜  April 26th- Melanie Papworth – “Spiritual and Physical Preparedness” @planforawesome

💜  April 27th- Lena Phillips – “Tools in Heavenly Father’s Hands” @lenaphillipsart

💜  April 28th- Savanna Esplin – “Hearing Him Through Journaling” @simply.striving

💜  April 29th- Emma Ellis – “Accessing God’s Priesthood Power Through Covenants Daily” @poherful

💜  April 30th- Jesika Harmon– “Using Mindfulness and Meditation to Access God’s Power” @jesikaharmon

💜  May 1st- Danette Smith – “Sharing Testimony with our Children and Grandchildren” @normanbookseries

💜  May 2nd- Emily Jones – “Intentionally Using Technology while Building a Relationship with Christ” @familytechuniversity

💜  May 3rd- Hilary Weeks – “Finding Stillness As We Come Unto Christ” @hilaryweeksmusic

💜  May 4th- Cheryl Cardall – “Trusting the Savior to Be the Savior” @cherylcardall

💜  May 5th- Alex Fales – “Turning Down the Noise to Hear the Voice of the Spirit” @mindfulwithmedia

Do you ever feel like this about building a relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ?

You don't know how to start

Do you feel overwhelmed with so many things and where to begin? Do you every feel you are running around in circles with personal and family scripture study and prayer? Do you wonder what is most important?

You aren't doing it "right"

Do you feel building a relationship with God should look the same as your mom, your sister, or your best friend? Do you feel there is a "right" way to study the scriptures or pray and what you do doesn't "count"?

You can't find time to learn and study

Do you have a hard time finding time to study the scriptures with kids, carpools, sports, dinner prep, music lessons, and everything else you need to do? Do you feel one verse isn't enough or your prayers are too short?

The "Seeking Jesus Summit" will teach you how to...


Two workbook pages for each presenter: one with three specific questions about the topic plus a page to write any additional notes. Also includes places to record affirmations, mantras, personal reflection and more. The workbook can be printed or can be filled out on-line (no need to print unless you want a physical copy).



Are you ready to learn from 14 experts all year long about simple ways to come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ?



This is the special VIP Access to the Summit, “Seeking Jesus building relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in small and simple ways” for an entire year. You will have the opportunity to watch the interviews at your convenience and watch them again and again. You will have access to the audio files plus PDF transcripts you can read. You will also receive the “Summit Workbook” which includes questions for each video, plus a page just for your personal notes. This workbook can be printed out or you can fill it out online.  You can start looking forward to finding simple ways to build relationships that you love.

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Scripture Study Style Quiz

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