A Study of Jesus Christ in the LDS Index

“A Study of Jesus Christ in the Index” (PDF) Printable Study Guide

This 53-page study will help you connect to Jesus Christ as you study scriptures found specifically in the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price in the Index.



*****THIS IS A DIGITAL FILE ONLY*****which includes references from five books of scripture: the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price.

Have you taken President Nelson’s invitation to study Jesus Christ in the Topical Guide? This is an extension to this invitation—NOW let’s study all 25 topics under Jesus Christ in the Index! This study focuses on a deep-dive study of Jesus Christ in latter-day scriptures.

President Russell M. Nelson extended an invitation twice in 2017 (once during a church-wide Young Single Adult Devotional and again in April General Conference) “to study everything Jesus said and did as recorded in the standard works…to let the scriptural citations about Jesus Christ in the Topical Guide become your personal core curriculum” (“Drawing on the Powers of Heaven”, April 2017 General Conference). There are additional scriptures that can broaden your understanding of Jesus Christ and His role in your personal life found in the “Index to the Triple Combination” which were used to create this study guide.

Items included in this study guide are:
• Brief introduction of President Nelson’s challenge
• Study ideas using the 8 learning styles
• Scripture references along with a short scripture phrase (along with a place to check off each reference you have read)
• An area to record personal notes, thoughts and impressions
• Three versions are available in the download: two colored version (purple/pink or blues) plus a black/gray/white copy

This is a digital file only—no physical products will be sent to you. If you choose to print this file, you will need to print it yourself or take it to a copy shop to print. You will need a program, like Adobe Reader, to open and print this pdf file. This file has been formatted to print on 8 ½” x 11” copy paper.

TERMS OF USE: You are welcome to print this study guide as many times as you like for personal use. Please do not change or alter this study guide in any way. Please do not share the actual file, in whole or in part, with anyone else. Others may purchase this study guide on my website at seekthisjesusstudy.com


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