SUMMIT: Fall 2023 Seeking Jesus VIP Access

SUMMIT: Seeking Jesus one small step at a time through scripture Study VIP Access. Videos of 16 amazing women sharing how they are building a relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in small and simple ways.



Access to online summit interviews with 16 amazing women as part of the Summit: Seeking Jesus building relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ one small step at a time. VIP access includes the ability to watch and rewatch the interviews through November 2024 plus a Summit Workbook which correlates with each interview. There are two summit workbook options–one can be printed out and filled out by hand and the other can be filled out online (no need to print unless you want). Videos will be uploaded to the site from October 19th  until November 3, 2023 (after the summit).

The following interviews are included with the summit:

Camille Hill “Simple Ways to Connect to Jesus Christ Through Music Each Day”

Kristen Duke – “Supporting Teenagers on Their Spiritual Journey”

Kamden Hainsworth – “Scripture Study and the ADHD Brain”

Katrina Seamons – “3 Simple Mindset Adjustments to Build Connections with Your Children and Christ”

Jennie Dildine – “Encouraging and Supporting Missionaries Before, During, and After Missions”

Ceri Payne – “How to Fit Spirituality into Your Busy Life”

 Jen Tate – “Small and Simple Ways Our Parenting Deepens our Relationship with the Savior”

Brittney Phillips – “Building Connection with Jesus Christ in a Blended Family”

Beth Martineau- “Simplifying Home-Centered and Church-Supported Come, Follow Me”

Becky Proudfit – “The Role of Righteous Women”

Chrissy Olsen – “Seeking and Finding Jesus Through Art”

Michaela Esplin – “Connecting to God in Your Unique Way through Embracing Your Spiritual Legacy Profile”

Emily Brown – “Small and Simple Ways to Connect with Heavenly Father”

Alaina Burrows – “Co-creating with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in our Marriage Relationships”

Natalie Hunsaker – “Getting to the Heart of Isaiah Through Questions”

Jenedy Paige – “Art and Creativity Brings Us Closer to Christ”



Interviews can be accessed on a password-protected website. A special link and password will be sent at the time of purchase with additional information.


Please do not share the website address or password. This VIP Access was purchased for one individual. If family or friends are interested in the summit, they will need to purchase access on their own.


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