Learning Styles Inventory

“Learning Style Inventory” (PDF) Printable Workbook

This 33-page workbook will help you discover your personal learning styles—or the way you would choose to learn and how you best understand information.




We learn in a variety of ways!

After completing all 8 learning style “tests”, (don’t worry—this is a test where there are no wrong answers) you will be able to determine your gospel learning styles in order of dominance which will aid you in your personal and family scripture study—You will be able to list your learning styles in order of dominance from 1 to 8. When you know your personal learning styles, you can then find ways to study that truly help you understand and enjoy reading the scriptures and studying the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The Eight Learning Styles are:

  1. Interpersonal (people)
  2. Intrapersonal (self)
  3. Kinesthetic (body and tactile)
  4. Linguistic (words—written, spoken and heard)
  5. Logical-Mathematical (number and logic)
  6. Musical (music)
  7. Naturalist (Nature)
  8. Spacial-Visual (picture)


Items included in this workbook are:

  • Brief description of the 8 learning styles
  • Instructions on how to take the “Learning Style Inventory”
  • a list of 12 statements for all eight learning styles
  • a page to record your learning styles in order of dominance
  • a list of 15 ways to incorporate each learning style into your scripture and gospel studies (that’s 120 ideas!!)


This is a digital file only—no physical products will be sent to you. If you choose to print this file, you will need to print it yourself or take it to a copy shop to print. You will need a program, like Adobe Reader, to open and print this pdf file. This file has been formatted to print on 8 ½” x 11” copy paper.


This file has been digitized so it can be filled out and scored on an electronic device (ex. computer or tablet) and does not necessarily need to be printed out (I am still a big pencil/paper kind of gal so I always print these types of things out. J)


TERMS OF USE: You are welcome to print this workbook as many times as you like for personal, family, or church use. Please do not change or alter this book in any way. Please do not share the actual file, in whole or in part, with anyone else. Others may purchase this workbook on my website at seekthisjesusstudy.com


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  1. Jonas Ninh

    Great article.|

  2. Aretta Jarvis

    I love this! It was so great discovering my learning styles, and was surprised at some of my top ones. I’m so excited to apply some of the tips Erin gives to help me study in ways that will benefit me the most.

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What are Learning Styles?

Identify your learning styles and find joy in your scripture study

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